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Momo broke her leg

So for anyone who follows me on any other social networking site besides Livejournal, you may have already heard:

Momo jumped off of the roof of my sister's house.

Since I was out of town watching my little sisters in Dallas, my sister offered to keep Momo with her. On Saturday she stepped outside for a few hours to run errands, making sure to close and lock all of the doors to the outside. She didn't lock Momo inside of her bedroom though, because Momo gets along well with her roommates.

On the second story, there's a window that leads out to a flat roof over a parking space. Sometimes, my sister's roommates step out for a cigarette, and on nice days leave the window open. Momo presumably followed one of the cats out onto the roof, and when she couldn't get back in, decided to jump off. Upon hitting the ground, she broke her front right paw, and dragged herself over to the porch, where she waited for my sister to get back.

I don't blame my sister or her roommates, because it was a difficult thing to foresee. It proved, however, to be a ton of time, money, and mental energy. Her cast, initial x-rays, and painkillers cost $300, and we're looking at a surgery that will be around $1500 since she broke it on the joint. So much for saving this year!
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